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Maurice Lynch Music - Salutes Harlem's Music Maker & Arbiters of Style - For Black History Month in America
Wed - February 6, 2019 4:20 pm  |  A+ | a-
Maurice Lynch Music- Salutes Harlem's Music Makers & Arbiters of Style
Maurice Lynch Music- Salutes Harlem's Music Makers & Arbiters of Style
February is set aside to Celebrate Black History in America. I wanted to salute some of the most incredible people in Arts and Entertainment World born in Harlem U.S.A. For this month of Celebration. 

During this month as we acknowledge the broad influence of Black Americans throughout history. The Black American experience is particularly dynamic in that its stories owe just as much to region and era as they do to familial heritage and personal circumstance. Since the very beginning, so much has been chronicled through Music, Art & Style. Black History Month in Harlem is playlist and collection from many vantage points and vessels, many talents dispense thru their gifts over keys and strings some unfurled from stage and film while. others with style and grace. But they all celebrate the embodiment of Black History and for that I salute them on their journey and achievements 

L to R - Ray Chew, Alyson Williams, Cicely Tyson, Nate Lucas Jr., King Solomon Hicks, Pat Cleveland, Melba Moore, Vinnie Knight, Dapper Dan and Vivian Sessoms.  
Let's cherish our Harlem Music Makers & Arbiters of Style. 

Maurice Lynch

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