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Maurice Lynch Music: Harlem Finest Turns-Out For Mikel Kilgour's "Go'in Bananas "The Josephine Baker Exhibit"
Fri - October 25, 2019 8:50 pm  |  A+ | a-
Maurice Lynch Music- Celebrates the Art of Mikel Kilgour
Maurice Lynch Music- Celebrates the Art of Mikel Kilgour

Maurice Lynch Music: Mikel Kilgour launches new Website Gallery..........It was such and exciting experience on September 28th, 2019 to be the Musical Director for"Go'in Bananna's" Celebrating Artist- Mikel Kilgour's Josephine Baker Art Exhibit. The evening was filled with over 100 paintings of Josephine. Mikel's interpretation's were stellar and overwhelming. 

Harlem was applauding as Josephine returned on that magical autumn evening. My song " Tonight Josephine" sang by the incomparable Miss Pat Cleveland was a part this great celebration of all things Josephine. This event was historic. Many Veteran Fashion Modeling Legends were present (Versailles 73 model & Halstonette-Alva Chin, Vogue Cover Model-Peggy Dillard, Hermes Campaign Model-Tommy Garrett,  GQ's First Black Male Cover Model- Renault White, Bob Mackie- Muse- Lu Sierra, David P. Martin, Ebony Magazine Legendary Model and Commentator - Audrey Smaltz,  Alvin Clayton, Versailles 73 Model- Norma Jean Darden and Givenchy- Muse- Carol Collins-Miles and the list goes on and on......But what really caused a frenzy was  a person very dear to my heart Josephine Baker's son Jari (Jarry) Baker who has been a personal friend of mine for over 25 years.... But the real magic for the evening was the art. The art interpretations by Mikel Kilgour will keep the spirt of Josephine alive for many generations to come. 

Mikel Kigour's Artist Director - Cynthia McCoy has shared a fantastic new website to celebrate the artwork. 

Please follow the links below there is a wonderful article, art and website gallery. Many pieces are availble for purchase.

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