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Maurice Lynch Music - WHITNEY HOUSTON’S Gospel Roots Paved Her Way To Stardom
Thu - March 22, 2012 12:17 am  |  A+ | a-

It was her gospel foundation and upbringing that lead her to international fame.

When African Americans sing gospel music in the Black church, we are singing to a higher power, about life situations and how we are connected to that power. So when Whitney sang other genres of music you felt that connection and spiritual foundation. It was that spirituality that made such a strong connection to her fans and to the world.

Whitney Houston was the voice of my generation. Her voice was original and uncomparable, her artistry and approach was unique.

Let’s all remember and celebrate her voice. Whitney was a great talent, although she had mortal limitations. She left a rich legacy of style, and an anthology of music that has forever immortalized her. Although her only gospel project was the movie sound track for The Preachers Wife which became the top-selling movie sound track of all times. Her gift was always embraced by the church.

I trust and hope that we will all cherish and keep her memory and legacy alive for future generations.

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