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Hit Duo Single Release: "These Are The Good Times" Available July 1
Hit Duo Single Release: "These Are The Good Times" Available July 1

GospeLive Productions kicks off this Pre-Independence Day Weekend with the July 1st release of their new Single Release "These Are The Good Times."  This song will add celebration to this week of celebrating America's Independence Day and the upcoming July 4th weekend. A great taste of excitement always comes whenever the The Harlem GospeLive Revue sings. This festive dance hit will bring family and friends together. No cook out or beach party will be complete with this hit song to kick off the celebration. 

Add this great song to your wedding reception, family, sorority or fraternal reunion,the good times are finally here let's celebrate. Promotional Trailer-

This great hit is available on CD Baby, ITunes and Google Tunes. To find out more visit 


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Music In The Heights
Music In The Heights

“Summer Sundays in the Heights” is a great opportunity for New Yorkers to join the residents of Washington Heights to enjoy a car-free space in this New York landmarked neighborhood while enjoying community entertainment..

Sections of Historic Edward Morgan Place and 157th St. that surround Ilka Payan Park will be closed off to traffic. There will be a staging area where people can sit and enjoy the Hudson River breeze while enjoying the festivities.

Celebrate the Arts,Culture and Music of "The Heights" in this Historic District. This event is to focus on bringing cultural diversity and musical entertainment through CLOTH Community League Of The Heights and Broadway United Businesses. Please come out and support.Your presence will make it one of the most successful events ever!

Please join Maurice Lynch and the staff of GospeLive Productions and entertainment. Where festivities will include a dance contest, performances and LIVE Music.

 As part of an on-going efforts to broaden the diversity of young talent merging into the Arts and Entertainment .GospeLive Productions and Entertainment strives to support, encourage and partnership with  organizations that provide a platform to educate new talent within the entertainment industry. “There is a dire need to introduce young people to the arts so that they may develop their creative talent within the entertainment industry. GospeLive Productions is pleased to join forces with the local Harlem and Washington Heights communities, who have made it a priority to encourage individuals from various ethnicities and backgrounds to introduce their ideas and voices to dance, music and creative production in the performing arts.

See you Sunday

Maurice Lynch 

Date:June22,2012 Place:Edward M.Morgan Pl bet 156th&157th Sts in NYC ( to 157th St.Time:12:30–5:30pm;free.




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Berkshire Music Festival Presents: The Harlem GospeLive Revue
Berkshire Music Festival Presents: The Harlem GospeLive Revue

The Berkshire Music Festival series is proud to present "Lift Ev’ry Voice." An Evening of Negro Spirituals and Gospels featuring "The Harlem GospeLive Revue". In celebration of the legacy of the African American Negro Spiritual. The concert will take place on Friday June 22, 2012 at 7:00 p.m. at the Kimball Farms.

Maurice Lynch, Director of Harlem GospeLive, will be conducting the soulful repertoire which will showcase the styles of spiritual music from the 19th and early 20th century America.

Lynch stated “Negro spirituals are so beautiful and constructed like folk songs. … They have more of a rhythmic pulse often times syncopated which drives the rhythmic structure that speak to and move your soul”.

"We performed last year, and our Revue was so well received. So being invited back again to present Negro Spirituals is such an honor. I have a great love for good choral arrangements and this concert will allow us to present a different side, showing the versatility of our Revue. Many of the singers in the show are so diverse and this will give us an opportunity to go classical for an evening."

The program will include “Steal Away”, “Deep River,” “Swing Low Sweet Chariot,”" Jesus Is A Rock”, “I Don't Feel No'ways Tired"," Lift Every Voice And Sing", "Precious Lord", " I Go To The Rock", and many more
moving renditions of Negro Spirituals and Traditional Gospel Music.

This is just one of many events planned by Kimball Farms to celebrate the diversity and cultural history of the Berkshire's............For more information about upcoming events in The Berkshires, please visit..............

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It was her gospel foundation and upbringing that lead her to international fame.

When African Americans sing gospel music in the Black church, we are singing to a higher power, about life situations and how we are connected to that power. So when Whitney sang other genres of music you felt that connection and spiritual foundation. It was that spirituality that made such a strong connection to her fans and to the world.

Whitney Houston was the voice of my generation. Her voice was original and uncomparable, her artistry and approach was unique.

Let’s all remember and celebrate her voice. Whitney was a great talent, although she had mortal limitations. She left a rich legacy of style, and an anthology of music that has forever immortalized her. Although her only gospel project was the movie sound track for The Preachers Wife which became the top-selling movie sound track of all times. Her gift was always embraced by the church.

I trust and hope that we will all cherish and keep her memory and legacy alive for future generations.

GospeLive Productions

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Black History Month
Black History Month
One of the most noted is black Gospel Music.Aside from Christmas, February is the month  many organizations pay homage to this musical art form. Gospel Music is called gospel because many song text are based in biblical history. Many of these songs were derived from the first four books of the new testament which brought good news. Unlike the Spirituals ,which when born in the rural plantation fields,gospel has its roots in the revival meetings of urban legends. When traveling white Evangelicals  began touring the back country roads known as the old saw dust trail, running tent revivals.Blacks began coming out and brought their sound to the Protestant hymns. As white Evangelicals  saw the power that these singers possessed, they began bringing them along on their revivals.Once blacks heard and learn songs from the protestant hymnals. These songs struck a note in their souls, they sang these songs from a different place. When many Blacks sang How I got Over they really meant it. As blacks began leaving the rural south and migrating to other cities during the twentieth century, they found that spirituals did not fit easily into their new lifestyles. A more expressive, unique music was needed to reflect their new found freedom, one that did not resemble spirituals or white gospel songs. Black Gospel music had arrived. It was different from spirituals it was composed (unlike folk music, which is not written down).It required instrumental accompaniment rather than a capella harmony.It used highly ornamented, often improvised melodies and ad libs that rang out to the heavens rather than a straightforward rendition of the printed notation. The African American voice was too large for a printed text. The African American voices rang out about contemporary and moral issues, often masked behind biblical stories. Both spirituals and gospel songs are religious and vocal in nature, but this new found gospel incorporated jazz rhythms and blues singing into religious music with the use of drums, guitars, tambourines,piano, and  organ.Then emerge of the Hammond organ which evenhandedly 
revolutionized the black gospel sound. Once in the hands of black musicians gospelworship was defined for the black church and it would never the same again. 
As we celebrate Black History this month let us remember that Gospel Music was 
the driving force behind. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr and the civil rights movement.Let's  all remember and celebrate the rich legacy of Gospel Music .
GospeLive Productions
Thu - December 29, 2011 9:06 pm     A+ | a-
Dawn Tallman
Dawn Tallman

Dawn Tallman “ Queen Of Gospel Energy” teams up with GospeLive Productions.  

Producer Maurice Lynch stated "Dawn brings to GospeLive Productions a unique combination of national and international experience, working with such big names as Josh Milan, Kenny Bobien, Michelle Cox and Glenn Thornton at Slagg Records".

Tallman a native of Danbury, CT and has a strong track record in House Music and production experience. In her career, Tallman has garnered over 10 TOP TEN Billboard Hits as well as many other hits recorded with top world Producers. Tallman is currently signed to Slagg Records.

“We have been looking for just the right person to kick-off our House Division” we are currently working with Dawn on a very special project, commented Maurice Lynch Executive Producer of GospeLive Productions. “ We feel very fortunate to have Tallman as part of our team. Tallman is a respected singer in NYC and has extensive international experience. “ With  G-Live’s  love for quality artist Dawn Tallman will be a valuable asset” Lynch stated.


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